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Our Training Philosophy

Our top priority is to produce safe and competent pilots; flying is fun, but safety is the priority. You’re unique, and we approach your training in a manner just as unique. We don’t do “cookie cutter”, because we don’t compromise. While the FAA outlines minimum requirements, we’ll build you into a skilled pilot that can handle the responsibility of acting as pilot in command. We have partnered with the King Schools, the industry leader in pilot training, to offer their exclusive Cessna Integrated Flight Training System to all our students. This technology creates a seamless relationship between the student, and the instructor.

Unlike other schools, we won’t pressure you to buy a costly training package or pay up front. You’ll work with the same instructor from start to finish, and if your lesson is cancelled because of a maintenance or scheduling error, you’ll receive half an hour of ground training for free. Our training center is professionally staffed by FAA Certified Flight Instructors standing by to help you take the first step. All our staff members love aviation, and we love sharing our passion for aviation with others. Whether you want to fly as a career, or a hobby, or you’re not sure, we will work with you to make it happen.

Our promise to you is simple: we’ll help you accomplish your aviation goals in an efficient, productive, and safe manner, all while creating an environment in which you feel comfortable and can thrive. We’ll take care of you as our student, not treat you like a transaction.

FLY with us!

Discover piloting for the first time or start the journey of becoming a pilot.

Discovery Flight

You’ll never forget the first time you taxi an airplane on to a runway, advance the throttle forward, and feel yourself leaving the ground under your own control. Our Discovery Flight Experience is the perfect way to start your journey to the skies.

Enrollment Kit

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If you have any questions about our programs and facilities, our friendly staff will be glad to talk to you.