We’re thrilled to announce our merger with Aero Elite Flight Training. Click here for more info!

Purchase Completed!

Please continue by completing the DocuSign sent to the email you provided.

Please check your email and follow the instructions.

Here are your remaining tasks for reference:

Check for an email from DocuSign with subject “REVIEW & SIGN” and complete your enrollment packet.
  • Complete the Student Rental Waiver Agreement
  • Complete the Credit Card Authorization Form
  • Verify US Citizenship by submitting a Valid Passport –or– Birth Certificate and Valid Driver’s License
    **For Non-US Citizens a Valid M1 Visa and TSA approval is required (we work with you on completing the requirements)
Check for an email with the subject, “READ FIRST!”, and follow the instructions.
  • Purchase the Private Pilot Enrollment & Ground School Package via the link sent to your email.
Once you complete the above, we will help you complete the following:
  • Complete DC SFRA Training (Manassas Only)
  • Obtain a Medical Certificate: Create account on [website name and link here] and apply for 3rd class medical, locate AME and schedule appointment.
  • Obtain a Pilot Certificate: Apply through IACRA
  • Purchase Renters Insurance: Bronze Package
  • Setup in Scheduling Website